Information about the portal

Statens vegvesen

Illustration: Martin Blystad, Statens vegvesen

Welcome to Norway’s National Access Point for transport data is the National Access Point (NAP) for transport data in Norway. The portal is established to secure access to all open data on road infrastructure, road traffic, public transport and mobility services through one single point.

The portal includes descriptions (metadata) and links to data on road infrastructure, road status, incidents, travel times, public transport stops, routes and schedules, traffic information, warnings and mobility services like city bikes and new micro mobility. These data may be re-used to make new services and combine different sets of data to make new and innovative information and mobility for all types of transport users.

In the portal you may search for sets of data both in Norwegian and English language and find enough information on the data to understand its quality and what it covers. The data is available in machine readable and standardized formats in compliance with the ITS directive and the delegated regulations.

The portal contains only metadata describing the sets of data and where to find them. The data sources are with the individual data owner. The metadata include links (URL) where to access the data. By using the link, you will find further details about the data and supporting information related to downloading, subscription and use. For some (mostly commercial) sets data it may be rules for use, re-use and payment.

Usage of data described in the portal shall preferably be free of charge, but the Delegated Regulations allow the owner of the data to impose financial compensation for use. Licence agreements, whenever used, shall in any event impose as few restrictions on reuse as possible. (Any financial compensation shall be reasonable and proportionate to the legitimate costs incurred of providing and disseminating the relevant travel and traffic data).

Both public and private enterprises are subject to the EU regulations and expected to contribute with their relevant set of data as well as supplying metadata to the portal. These data providers may be road administrations, transport service suppliers and operators of mobility and traffic information services.